Farisa Khalid

farisa khalid pictureFarisa Khalid holds a Masters in Public Health from Emory University and an MA in Art History from New York University. She completed her BA in English from Vassar College. She writes on art, film, culture and foreign affairs with a focus on South and Southeast Asia. 

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CSIROPathogens, Planes, and Panic: The U.S. and Global Health Security

A pandemic nearly always guarantees a big headline as it leaves us wondering where we went disastrously wrong in our perceptions. The 2004 SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak that caused panic all across East Asia and much of the west, more than most disease-related events of the early twenty first century, awoke the general public to the dangers of unmonitored infections…



On Friendly Waters: China’s Healthcare Diplomacy in South Asia

These past two months the Chinese Navy’s Type 920 Hospital Ship, a vast 14,000 ton floating hospital called “The Peace Ark,” docked in major cities of South Asia providing key medical services and surgeries to local residents. Over the course of the next few weeks the ship will sail to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia before heading back to China in October



Carte Blanche: India and Vietnam, A Strategic Alliance

This past July, India reached out a notably munificent hand to Vietnam’s defense forces with a credit line of $100 million for military equipment. It was only a matter of time before  before a partnership between these two countries developed. China’s expansionist drive across Asia, bracingly close to India’s shores along the Indian Ocean at the Port of Gwadar on the Strait of Hormuz and..





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