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Akash PatelAkash Patel is a social activist and currently interns for CLIC Sargent, a charity that is committed to supporting children and young people with cancer. Akash earned an MA in International Politics and East Asia from the University of Warwick and holds a BA in International Relations & History from the University of Portsmouth. With a passion for international development and sustainability, his research intersects development with theories of demographics, society and governance. More generally, he is interested on the advancements of the BRICS, in particular India and China. You can follow Akash @Akashkushpatel


india-election-poll-2014-imagesWill India’s next leader tackle its Institutionalised Corruption?

India is currently holding its general election, which began on 7 April and will end on 12 May. With eight hundred and fifteen million eligible voters, the ongoing elections are the biggest in history. It is estimated that 96% of India’s electorate have placed the fight against institutionalised corruption as the highest priority for these elections.


India’s election and the need to empower women                 

For India, 2013 was a year in the limelight of the global media. Cases of brutal rape were widely reported in India and across the world. ‘The insecurity of women, including their vulnerability to rape and abuse’, is now a national issue that has gained global attention



Japanese-Population-and-GeographyJapan’s economy: Can the remedy be found in its culture rather than Abenomics?

Nearly a year has passed since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was elected with much europium in the 2012 general election.  Upon his re-election, PM Abe introduced a series of reforms, dubbed “Abenomics” to revitalise Japan’s faltering economy…



ForbesDespite its economic success, is the future for China a bleak one?
Since the coining of the BRIC acronym in 2001, there has been great emphasis placed on the rising economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.  According to Jim O’Neil, the architect of the BRIC acronym and a former Goldman Sachs analyst, there has been great speculation over …





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