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Alexander SheaAlexander Shea is a masters student in International Relations at the University of Oxford. He is a political idealist and enjoys blogging on developments in international relations theory and current affairs. He previously studied history at the LSE.

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Articles by Alexander

putin-press-conference-580Ukraine: Putin’s postmodern moment and the politics of truth

Much has been made of the numerous lies that Putin comfortably relayed to reporters on Tuesday afternoon regarding Russia’s invasion of Crimea. The State Department’s has released a buzz feed-like press statement documenting all the ‘untruths’ Putin uttered. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Ukrainian Prime Minister, intimated to the E.U. on Wednesday that the Russian government “is a government of liars.”…


Obama’s Foreign Policy and Ukraine: Decoupling Security and Democracy

“I don’t really even need George Kennan right now,” commented Barack Obama in a recent interview concerning his foreign policy strategy. The admission was a curious one. Not only because Kennan is the most celebrated American public policy intellectual of the 20th century – having laid out the basis of the Cold War’s winning strategy of containment – …



When History Thickens: Ukraine and why its Revolution is in Danger

Historical change is a curious phenomenon. Sometimes it occurs at a snail’s pace with years, decades elapsing before a crumbling autocracy finally gives way to a nascent democracy. Ask the people of Syria for example, as Human Rights Watch have done, how they perceive history to be unfolding before them. And they will tell you that …


Treaty of WestphaliaWelcome back to the Medieval World

Immanuel Kant wrote in the late 18th century that his was an age of enlightenment. If he were alive today it is likely that he would have to adjust his epithet slightly. For according to political theorists and international media alike we now live in a new age: the age of cosmopolitanism. Cosmopolitanism is the new buzzword in international relations. It describes a world that is increasingly post-national…

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