Zoufishan Mehdi

Zouf pictureZoufishan Mehdi currently contributes to the Cybersecurity Program at EastWest Institute, a ‘think and do tank’ addressing critical issues that threaten global stability. She is a recent graduate of International Security (IS) at the University of Warwick. Her research interests include New Security Challenges, Theories of International Security and US Foreign Policy. More specifically, she focuses on cyber security and US-China relations.


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Individual Empowerment and Development: Plug-in for the Power of Information

The global Internet population rounds off at nearly 2.5 billion people, who use the web to access information, connect with others or simply escape reality. But the world’s poorest 4 billion are still not plugged-in, remaining oblivious to life outside of their own community. 




Syria: At the Crossroads of Security and Culture

Nearly three years of conflict in Syria calls for some reflection. As the Arab Spring reached Syria, Syrians took to the streets to protest President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. Popular protests soon turned into a bloody tug of war between forces loyal to Assad and rebels. To the outside world, the full-scale civil war tends to bring attention to the human suffering …



The War on Drugs: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

From the looks of it, one of San Diego’s industrial-looking warehouses, sitting above ground, seem to echo business as usual—yet it masks a much harsher reality, penetrating deep into the border of Mexico. Inside of the warehouse, a deep tunnel zigzags nearly 600 yards its way into Tijuana, Mexico in what is dubbed ‘one of the most sophisticated underground drug smuggling passageways.’…


cyber_warfareA Game Changer in Cyberspace: Has the Balance Tipped in Favor of China?

The U.S.-China summit held on June 8th was a venue for U.S. President Obama to discuss and perhaps even confront China on its aggressive activities in cyberspace. After all, China seemed to be misbehaving in waging cyber attacks that compromised U.S. security… 


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