1. It was every good and detailed discussion. Very beneficial to a student conflict transformation studies, as there was much to learn from.

  2. Des Fiddes

    A most interesting article and within the context of Northern Ireland spot on. Your insight into the inability of government to step up to the mark but more than this continuing actions to remove the funds etc from community groups and indeed special appointed bodies who are having success on a progressively expanding bases is so very true.it is my belief that it is because these people have no concept of what is required or the effort necessary.

  3. This is just my point of view as a person educated under NDEA Title VI to learn a strategic language, in my case Tamil. If you are going to make a difference in any country, you have to commit to the people of that country, settle there, learn all you can about that country before and after you go there, converse with the people in their own language, get to know them. An in-and-out, blanket negotiation strategy will not work. You can and must learn from other negotiators in other countries. Dr. Dumasy is absolutely right. Learning in detail about the ground situation as it changes, and the people involved in or caught in the conflict situation is essential. And all of this takes time. But people of that area, including combatants, will not trust you if you cannot converse with both the powerless and the powerful, combatants and non-combatants in their own language, live with them, learn from them, show your ability to trust them as much as you hope they will trust you. There are no guarantees. You may get killed. But I believe there are people who are willing to take the time, endure the hardships, and risk their lives to help rather than to kill.

  4. Mugu Zakka Bako

    ‘You can’t make peace without talking to those doing the fighting’. i agree with the author of this article. many peace accord are done without those who are doing the fighting and that is why positive peace cannot be achieved.

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