Matthew Saayman

319655_10100104418228039_618566167_nMatthew Saayman is a recent graduate of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. His research interests include federalism, democratic theory, democratization, development, and conflict resolution. He has experience working in the federal government, with charitable organizations, and with university administrations.




Articles by Matthew

iStock_000005675401Small-21Could restructuring the federal relations in Iraq create a lasting peace?

The capacity of the Iraqi state is still tenuous and the sectarian tensions that embroiled the country after the invasion could re-emerge. Long-term stability for Iraq will require resolving disputes over federal relations.



Maliki-and-talibani-sitting-march-3-2011Exclusionary regime practices and their impact on post-invasion Iraq 

Violence continues to embroil Iraq and that violence more often than not is along the fault lines of religious and ethnic groups.




The Times - Philippe NaughtonThe origins of Sectarianism in Iraq

The internecine conflict that tore through Iraq in 2006-2008 may rekindle in the near future; the inflaming of sectarian tensions is a possibility. 

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